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your profitable partner

Fortorem Trade House presents the perfect tea collections for your business success

Quality and freshness

Our brands are focused on the most demanding consumer of freshly picked and quality prepared tea.

Profitable business

We offer a wide range of truly premium blends and single varieties at an average price. The price of our tea will please you very much.

A wide range of

Many tea collections to create an offer that enables our partners to maximize their business

For true connoisseurs

Legendary and popular tastes of black, green, flavored teas together with new recipes and compositions
we collect tea leaves carefully and with love

Extra large sheet. Teas of the highest quality

Tea gives a person decisiveness, increases the ability to change the impression, and encourages concentrated thinking.

ease of delivery

Experiment with different options and find your favorite black tea.

Fortorem – Tea Quality Expertise

Our popular teas

True traditions

Our tea collections are inspired by heritage and admiration


Latest tea research

This section contains scientifically proven data on the positive effects and effects of various types of tea on the body.