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Tea is not a simple drink. When drinking tea becomes an integral part of life, it develops in a person the best qualities of his personality and the ability to see the great in the little things.

Trade House


ortorem trading house is a young and ambitious company that presents its products on the territory of Eastern Europe. We produce and sell tea and coffee brands. Suppliers of raw materials for our production – Kenya, Sri Lanka, China. We also have a wide distribution network and provide services. We would not have been able to achieve such success without reliable cooperation with the world’s leading companies.

Fortorem uses proven solutions for its developments, while making changes and modernizing compositions, expanding production every year. In many ways, the right direction of development helps us to maintain close cooperation with global manufacturers. This allows you to actively modernize production and achieve high quality standards.


Our tea collections are inspired by heritage and what inspires admiration

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Combination of quality, assortment and price offer

Being in a constant search for new things, testing and selecting the best, in our opinion, samples of tea novelties, we offer you a sought-after and high-quality assortment.

Among other things, Fortorem Trading House provides logistics services, rapidly developing this direction in more and more regions. We not only open new warehouses, but also modernize existing facilities.

We will be glad to become your partners and provide you with exquisite tea collections.

exquisite varieties of tea from all over the world

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If you are looking for a supplier of high-quality tea, from which you will earn well and steadily, we will be glad to become a partner with you.


Our products

Our company provides a wide range of teas for every taste. Black, green, as well as elite blends and flavored teas.

Fletcher collection brings together exquisite varieties of black, green, herbal and fruit teas. All blends are made in the traditional English style, each has a unique taste and exceptional aroma.

TeaKey is a premium line of high-quality teas that includes a wide range of black, green, fruit and other flavored drinks. They all have a rich, multifaceted flavor and aroma shaped by natural ingredients.

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