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TEA KEY EARL GREY Black ceylon tea


Black Ceylon tea with bergamot! An absolute royal classic. A subtle hint of bergamot frames the rich taste of Ceylon tea, creating the perfect classic bouquet!

Selected large-leaf Ceylon tea with bergamot oil is a great taste, enchanting aroma and the benefits of a leaf blend. Regular consumption of bergamot tea is especially energizing and helps you stay alert and focused throughout the day. All lovers of exquisite taste will love this variety of tea.

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  • The product is supplied in a completely hermetically sealed original packaging.
  • Minimum order quantity – 50 packs of 100 gr.

Additional information

Packing inner and outer

Polymeric multilayer combined film bag, based on polymeric film, with ZipLock closure / corrugated box

Pieces per box

50 pcs

Own weight of the product, kg


Country of origin

Sri Lanka