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Slimming with tea

Red Tea Detox is a brand new detox program that detoxifies the body and allows you to shed pounds quickly and safely. The book by Liz Swann Miller, creator of The Red Tea Detox, is a six-time bestseller. This is an author with over 10 years of experience as a practicing naturopath.

The program is based on over a decade of research spanning over 500 medical studies, as well as almost 3 years of real world trials. This program has yielded results and discovered a unique recipe for the properties of invigorating tea, which is the basis of the program. The important thing is that the ingredients required for the program are so common that they can be found in almost any store.

A common mistake many dieters make is they don’t take into account what they’re drinking. The bottom line is that the fluid you consume can have an even greater impact on your waistline and your health than the foods you eat.

Of course, this means that for dieters who are serious about losing weight, no more soda or alcohol can be consumed … But what about green tea and black tea? Are these teas good for weight loss or can they give you unwanted weight?

The answer may surprise you. Most people think that green tea in particular can help you lose weight, not gain it… But as it turns out, that’s not necessarily the case.
Several studies have shown that green tea does not affect weight loss. For example, a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2009 showed that green tea extract did not affect resting metabolic rate.

Conducting research on green tea has shown that green tea can only produce small, statistically insignificant weight loss in overweight or obese individuals. The review also notes that regular consumption of green tea may not help people lose weight. In addition to these disappointing findings, there may be another problem: if you put sugar in your green tea, then it can become a source of additional calories that you do not count. According to experts, some people who drink tea often can consume up to 300 calories or more per day from sugar.

So what about black tea? Black tea is actually “burnt green tea” and is full of caffeine, just like regular green tea. Drinking too much caffeine can cause heart palpitations, nausea, vomiting, and a “nervous” feeling. If you drink decaffeinated green or black tea, the decaffeination process destroys most of the natural ingredients, greatly reducing the benefits of the tea. It is better to drink natural tea.

Another common problem with black tea is that it is often washed down or mixed with milk. This slows down the rate of absorption of valuable antioxidants and polyphenols. At the same time, skimmed milk slows down this process to a much greater extent than whole milk.

So, if green and black teas aren’t good for weight loss, what should those on a responsible diet drink? The answer was found in the jungles of Africa, where the Kenyan tribes lived. They drink red tea to relieve their hunger pangs while they hunt for their next meal.

Red tea not only relieves hunger pangs, but also promotes fat burning, boosts energy without offering caffeine. Red tea does not contain caffeine and is an ideal health drink. It is refreshing and delicious and can be consumed hot or frozen. It helps eliminate toxins, lowers fat-storing hormones, and promotes the production of fat-burning hormones. And all this while naturally reducing stress and balancing insulin.

Red tea is the best metabolism booster, fat burner and energy restorer. Naturopaths have spent years researching the benefits and side effects of red tea. Each of the 5 unique ingredients that make up red tea. It is these ingredients, which can be found at your local supermarket, that work together to make this drink healthy. But these ingredients are not found in either green or black tea.

Red tea is caffeine-free, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and free of dairy, gluten, and sugar.

Red tea ingredients are a great alternative to caffeine. The drink eliminates excitability, the appearance of trembling tremors, so “fat flushing away” is safe and fast. Red tea also does not contain fats and carbohydrates. It has a mild and slightly sweet taste.

Another fact about red tea is that it does not contain oxalic acid, so there is no risk of getting kidney stones. It also has very low levels of tannin. The great thing about red tea is that it is filled with powerful antioxidants that fight oxidative damage caused by toxins in your body. They are scientifically proven to have antibacterial, antiparasitic and antiviral effects to boost immunity.

Drinking delicious red tea not only “stops the feeling of hunger” but can also reverse the damage caused by toxins accumulated in your fat cells with its powerful antioxidants. Therefore, the red tea diet can be a breakthrough for many people who have put in a lot of effort to lose fat. This is a delicious tea that requires no doctor visits, no lectures on weight loss, no expensive pills, no fasting, no intense workouts. It helps get rid of bad fat by working with your body as a natural fat burning metabolite and does it all without any discomfort or hunger pangs.

The Red Tea Detox system unlocks all stages of weight loss, so it is 100% guaranteed to help you burn fat and lose as much weight as you want. Black (red) tea detox has several health benefits such as:

  • Prevents the growth of fat cells
  • Stabilizes blood sugar
  • Helps relieve stress
  • Reduces bad cholesterol
  • Removes internal and external toxins
  • Possesses antioxidant properties
  • Reduces food cravings and appetite
  • Improves circulation